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Saint Petersburg , Russia
Saint Petersburg , Russia

Founded by an emperor of modern belief, Peter the Great, the city of Saint Petersburg has always been the cultural capital of Russia, not “young” at all since it has crossed the 300th anniversary long time ago. This is the city of Tchaikovsky and Dostoevsky. This is where Peter the Great started the modernization of Russia, where the October Revolution that preceded the communist era started, when he was dismissed after the collapse of democratic reform.

If you do not have too much time, make sure to visit the most important places, we give you recommendations of the top sites you simply have to visit in St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul fortress

This was one of the most famous prisons in history. There is much that can be seen in this fortress, including the prison museum, but also the cathedral.  The citadel is one of the biggest attractions.

Hermitage Museum

There is no better way to take a look on Tsarist Russia than to visit the former Winter Palace, which is now one of the buildings of the Hermitage, the largest art museum in the world. This is one of the most important places to visit in St. Petersburg. Gallery above gallery houses the works of the great masters, each in luxurious style that is typical to this city. Prepare to face the works of classical artists from the West, but also to discover the hidden treasures of the East. The interior, with hand-made floors, crystal chandeliers and priceless frescoes on the ceiling, can be classified as a museum display itself. But if we add collection of 3 million exhibits, including the largest world gallery of paintings, which contains works from Leonardo Da Vinci to Kandinsky, it will become clear why this is a space that takes several weeks to explore.

Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Whether you are religious or not, this church is something you must see. The exterior can impress you with its splendor, but the inside is so dazzling that will leave you speechless. The Interior was done in mosaics, which replicate the most famous works of Russian painters.

Peterhof Palace

Another complex of palaces, Peterhof is as nice as it is entertaining. You will see the fountains operating all day during the summer. If you get permission to visit the interiors of all the buildings, perhaps it will encourage you to buy more tickets. It may seem to you that the visit of Peterhof is very expensive if you wish to see every corner, but the journey through this garden is absolutely worth it.


The Catherine Palace

This castle is also known under the name Tsarskoye Selo (Imperial Village). The magnificent complex is full of parks, guest houses and blue and golden palaces. Visitors usually stay left without breath when they see how the Russian royal family used to live. Each part of this complex radiates luxury and sophistication. The interior of the castle is open to visitors, i.e. many visitors. So, if you can choose a right time when to visit Catherine Palace, perhaps it would be best to avoid the tourist season.

Grand Hotel Europe

Grand Hotel Europe, building of great historical significance, was founded in 1875. Rasputin used to dine there, Dostoyevsky wrote in the corner room, Tchaikovsky spent his honeymoon there. It was converted into a tight house for numerous families who are waiting on their homes after the October Revolution and communist seizure of property. During the Second World War and the siege of the city, the hotel became a hospital. It is as grandiose today as on the opening day, when the Russian nobles ate caviar from golden plates and drank champagne from crystal glasses. Hotel rooms are still the reflection of sophistication and historical spirit, with all the conveniences of the modern era - LCD TV and Wi-Fi connection.

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            Hurry up, no one has been disappointed by visiting Saint Petersburg.

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